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Irish musical group agree with Same-Sex Civil Marriage movement

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Irish musical group agree with Same-Sex Civil Marriage movement

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Updated on: 2018-06-23

Now that the protest march for marriage is ended you might be wondering what in addition one can do to promote the reason of civil marriage in Ireland.  Well there are a a small number of alternatives, you can trip your local TD for a chat, do some fundraising or go for a night out with your mates! Musical group for Marriage Equality, a communal of Irish musicians and populace who work in the melody manufacturing and uphold civil marriage for same-sex couples, is in the present day announcing a headline performance taking place in Vicar Street, on October 1st 2009 in support of Marriage Equality.

Despite the fact that the full line up for the night is to be announced and undertake to have some of Ireland's hottest musical acts, Dublin singer/songwriter Michele Ann Kelly and The Spikes have before now been secured for the Vicar Street gig. Music magazine Hotpress have given their full support of the campaign and are also performing arts as media sponsor. Moninne Griffith, Director, MarriagEquality said, "Today's announcement is thrilling and really brings the issue of civil marriage rights for same-sex couples to a new-fangled spectators. Having the support of the music industry is no small feat and in actual fact sends a strong message out there, this issue is not going away and will grow stronger until lesbians and gay men can marry in a civil ceremony." 

For the meantime, Michele Ann Kelly added "Five thousand people recently marched on the streets of Dublin calling for marriage rights for gay men and lesbians in Ireland and together we'll make it happen."

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